Having successfully represented a range of high profile/celebrity clients in public family law litigation – from MLB stars Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield and Bret Saberhagen, to country music legend and businessman Buck Owens, to sports franchise owner and philanthropist John Moores – Joe Langlois and Langlois Family Law have the expertise and experience to efficiently and competently resolve your high profile case.

Minimizing financially and emotionally destructive publicity is an important aspect of handling high profile/celebrity breakups. Knowing that almost all high profile/celebrity clients want their divorce, paternity or palimony case handled privately, we employ a number of methods to avoid adding public insult to the financial and emotional stress of an irreparably broken spousal relationship.

Complex marital dissolution matters by definition involve complicated issues of law and discovery, which only experienced family law specialists are prepared to handle, often in concert with expert consultants and witnesses.

Success in such complex legal matters involves careful legal analysis and strategy born of experience and acumen, as well as teamwork and meticulous preparation in the execution of the case. Joe Langlois is among the number of family law specialists who are honest and capable enough to expertly and successfully handle such cases.